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Corporate culture is the spiritual wealth and material form created by the enterprise's production, management and management activities under certain conditions. It includes corporate vision, cultural concepts, values, entrepreneurial spirit, ethics, codes of conduct, historical traditions, corporate systems, cultural environments, and corporate products. Among them, values are the core of corporate culture.


Business philosophy

Business philosophy, also known as corporate philosophy, stems from the innovative use of social humanistic economic psychology, and is a methodological principle unique to an enterprise engaged in production management and management activities. It is the basis for guiding corporate behavior. In a fierce market competition environment, a company faces various contradictions and multiple choices. It requires enterprises to have a scientific methodology to guide and have a set of logical thinking procedures to determine their own behavior. This is the business philosophy. For example, Japan's Matsushita Co., Ltd. "focuses on economic efficiency, attaches importance to the will to survive, and strives for survival and development." This is its strategic decision-making philosophy.


The so-called value concept is the basic viewpoint that people evaluate the existence, behavior and behavioral results of people (individuals, organizations) based on their utilitarian or moral pursuit. It can be said that life is for the pursuit of value, and value concept determines the pursuit of life. Values ​​are not a manifestation of people in a moment, but a system of values ​​about value that is formed in long-term practice. The value of the enterprise refers to the value of the enterprise employees to the existence of the enterprise, the purpose of the business, the value evaluation of the business purpose and the pursuit of the holistic, alienated group consciousness, is the common value standard of all employees. Only on the basis of a common value criterion can the correct value goal of the enterprise be produced. With the right value goal, there will be behaviors that strive to pursue value goals, and companies have hope. Therefore, corporate values ​​determine the orientation of employee behavior and the survival of the company. Only taking into account the values ​​of the company's own economic benefits, it will deviate from the direction of socialism, not only will damage the interests of the country and the people, but also affect the overall image of the company; only the values ​​of immediate interests will be quick success, short-term behavior, and the company will lose its stamina. , leading to extinction.