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Who are we?

The popularity of “Who We Are” has several characteristics of network communication: closeness, simplicity,
Participation and interactivity - the topic is close to life, the words are easy to understand, convenient for netizens to adapt, and conducive to wide dissemination. These are easy to provoke the expressive desire of netizens. Therefore, both the creativity of the text and the enthusiasm of communication must be exponential growth.

Tucao comics screened, not flies to show that the majority of netizens are resentful, unwilling to work and live, several employees in different positions have said that this is not the case, this is actually a life flavoring. One of the white-collar workers said seriously: "This is releasing emotions. It does not mean that I am tired of my work. Instead, it is actually a reflection. My work may not be perfect. I know this, but I still love it. ”

The spit is returned to the trough and the work is returned to work. "After all, people in each position have their own difficulties; and those who can accept the challenge to complete the task will be satisfied and fulfilled." Netizen said, "This is releasing emotions, it does not mean that I am tired of me." The work, on the contrary, is actually a reflection. "In other words, can it be regarded as a torture of one's own soul?

Development process

On August 13, 2017, Weibo netizen "Lingjia Akong loves to eat sugar" issued a microblogging map is "I am Party A", there were 15,000 times of forwarding and 11,000 people liked it.

Subsequently, a WeChat re-processed the content of the photo from the media public number, and released 9 sets of different styles of "Who are we" comics on August 15, 17th, 17th, which were popular among netizens.

The 25-year-old Zhengzhou sister Liu Lin did not think of the subsequent enthusiastic response. "At that time, it was just a daily push, and I didn't think it would be so hot." The WeChat pushed the reading volume to reach 2.91 million in 48 hours, and praised 18,000 times.

More pictures were adapted by netizens, including regions, constellations, occupations, games, majors, etc. Some netizens further processed the pictures. Many large Vs on Weibo also began to be forwarded, and the circle of friends also swept the trend.