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Honor culture is an integral part of enterprise culture, an extension and deepening of enterprise culture, an effective carrier to enhance enterprise cohesion, centripetal force, staff sense of honor, and competitive consciousness, which has far-reaching significance for enterprises. According to BeiPai culture, the competitive advantage of a hundred-year-old shop is its long history on the surface and its accumulated experience on the basis. Only through systematic construction and precipitation into culture can cultural effects be produced and enterprises be developed.


Promoting effect

The construction of honor culture is a brilliant excavation of the history of the company and has a promoting effect on enhancing the cohesiveness of the enterprise. The essence of the construction of honor culture is the excavation and organization of the historical value of the enterprise. Managers of many hundred-year-old companies often talk about their development history, and they are relished. Even companies with shorter establishments have more or less stories in their own development. When managers explain the past of the company, they often take pride. The construction of honor culture is to excavate and systematically organize the roots of this pride, and then through the specific application, to form a culture and influence every employee of the enterprise. In the cultural field of honor culture, the pride of the manager can be transmitted infinitely. Ultimately become the pride of the staff. The pride of employees in the company drives their loyalty to the company at work and in life, and forms a strong corporate cohesion to promote the healthy and orderly development of the company.

Provide a solid foundation for corporate brands to make them more convincing

In today's enterprise competition, we pay attention to building brands. Brands are not spoken. The people in the industry often say that "the brand itself is not good, it is good to ask customers to say good." However, “not to say” is not very clever, especially for some service organizations that need to cooperate to show real strength. Enterprises need to have a gold signboard, and more need to have the basis to support this signboard. Honor culture is an effective carrier of corporate brand. The promotion and dissemination of corporate brands is multi-channel. The regular media promotion is immediate. However, through the construction of honor culture, cultural interpretation of brands, unconsciously infected in external communication, and deeper influence, will make the corporate image in the customer's subconscious. Was improved.